Control of magnetic response in curved stripes by tailoring the cross section

Curved magnetic architectures are key enablers of prospective magnetic devices with respect to size, functionality, and speed. By exploring geometry-governed magnetic interactions, curvilinear magnetism offers a number of intriguing effects in curved magnetic wires and curved magnetic films. The applicability of the current micromagnetic theory requires that the sample has a constant width and thickness, which does not correspond in many cases to the specificity of experimental sample preparation. Here, we put forth a self-consistent micromagnetic framework of the curvilinear magnetism of nanowires and narrow stripes with a spatially inhomogeneous cross section. The influence of the varying cross section is exploited and illustrated by an example of the simplest topological texture, which is a transversal head-to-head (tail-to-tail) domain wall. The cross-section gradient becomes a source of domain wall pinning which competes with the curvature gradient. Eigenfrequencies of the domain wall free oscillations at the pinning potential are determined by both curvature and cross-section gradients. Prospects for curvilinear magnonics and spintronics are discussed.

Kostiantyn V. Yershov and Denis D. Sheka. Control of magnetic response in curved stripes by tailoring the cross section, Physical Review B 107 (2023) L100415 DOI: 10.1103/physrevb.107.l100415 (pdf, supplementary)

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