Shape transformations in flexible magnetic rings

The development of motility mechanisms controllable on the sub-micron length scale is crucial for both nanorobotics and shapeable magnetoelectronics. We showcase that the nanoscale shape deformation of a flexible magnet can be controlled by its magnetic attributes. Namely, we consider a problem of coupling the geometrical and magnetic degrees of…

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Chiral Skyrmion and Skyrmionium States Engineered by the Gradient of Curvature

Curvilinear nanomagnets can support magnetic skyrmions stabilized at a local curvature without any intrinsic chiral interactions. Here, we propose an alternative mechanism to stabilize chiral Néel skyrmion states relying on the gradient of curvature. We illustrate our approach with an example of a magnetic thin film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy…

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Geometry-induced motion of magnetic domain walls in curved nanostripes

Dynamics of topological magnetic textures are typically induced externally by, e.g., magnetic fields or spin/charge currents. Here, we demonstrate the effect of the internal-to-the-system geometry-induced motion of a domain wall in a curved nanostripe. Being driven by a gradient of the curvature of a stripe with biaxial anisotropy, transversal domain…

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Tracking Git commits info in LaTeX docs