Curvilinear one-dimensional antiferromagnets

Antiferromagnets host exotic quasiparticles, support high frequency excitations and are key enablers of the prospective spintronic and spin−orbitronic technologies. Here, we propose a concept of a curvilinear antiferromagnetism where material responses can be tailored by a geometrical curvature without the need to adjust material parameters. We show that an intrinsically achiral one-dimensional (1D) curvilinear antiferromagnet behaves as a chiral helimagnet with geometrically tunable Dzyaloshinskii−Moriya interaction (DMI) and orientation of the Néel vector. The curvature-induced DMI results in the hybridization of spin wave modes and enables a geometrically driven local minimum of the low-frequency branch. This positions curvilinear 1D antiferromagnets as a novel platform for the realization of geometrically tunable chiral antiferromagnets for antiferromagnetic spin−orbitronics and fundamental discoveries in the formation of coherent magnon condensates in the momentum space.


Oleksandr V. Pylypovskyi, Denys Y. Kononenko, Kostiantyn V. Yershov, Ulrich K. Rößler, Artem Tomilo, Jürgen Faßbender, Jeroen van den Brink, Denys Makarov, Denis D. Sheka. Curvilinear one-dimensional antiferromagnets, Nano Letters (2020) DOI: DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.0c03246, arXiv: 2005.05835, Supplementary, PDF

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