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Юрій Борисович Гайдідей

Колектив Інституту теоретичної фізики ім. М.М. Боголюбова НАН України,
колектив групи RiTM
глибоко сумують з приводу непоправної втрати
і висловлюють щирі співчуття рідним і близьким покійного.
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One extremely snowy day, part of RiTM group met in Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf.

Potentially new member tries to tunnel through metal wall behind us.

Управление киральными скирмионами с помощью градиента кривизны

Curvilinear nanomagnets can support magnetic skyrmions stabilized at a local curvature without any intrinsic chiral interactions. Here, we propose an alternative mechanism to stabilize chiral Néel skyrmion states relying on the gradient of curvature. We illustrate our approach with an example of a magnetic thin film with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy shaped as a circular indentation. We show that in addition to the topologically trivial ground state, there are two skyrmion states with winding numbers ±1 and a skyrmionium state with a winding number 0. These chiral states are formed due to the pinning of a chiral magnetic domain wall at a bend of the nanoindentation due to spatial inhomogeneity of the curvature-induced Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction. The latter emerges due to the gradient of the local curvature at the bend. While the chirality of the skyrmion is determined by the sign of the local curvature, its radius can be varied in a broad range by engineering the position of the bend with respect to the center of the nanoindentation. We propose a general method, which enables us to reduce the magnetic problem for any surface of revolution to the common planar problem by means of proper modification of constants of anisotropy and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction.

Phys. Rev. Applied, 10, 064057 (2018), PDF.

(English) Tracking Git commits info in LaTeX docs

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Локализация магнонных мод в криволинейной магнитной нанопроволоке

Spin waves in magnetic nanowires can be bound by a local bending of the wire. The eigenfrequency of a truly local magnon mode is determined by the curvature: a general analytical expression is established for any infinitesimally weak localized curvature of the wire. The interaction of the local mode with spin waves, propagating through the bend, results in scattering features, which is well confirmed by spin-lattice simulations.

Low Temp. Phys. 44 (2018), 814–823, PDF