Input data. Call SLaSi

All parameters (geomety, material, initial distribution etc) are gived for the SLaSi by a configuration file in format «parameter=value». Then, the SLaSi calls from the command line as

$ mpirun -np 4 ./slasi observe.inp

Here the program starts from the current directory via MPI on the 4 nodes. The initial parameters are stored in the file observe.inp (really, a file name can be any, the extension is not necessary). The file observe.inp is stored in the same directory as slasi in the  example above. The configuration file can include comment lines, which start from symbol #. The first symbol in string cannot be space, only letter or #. Strings are given inside the double quotes, for example “../geometries/mySample.geom”. The letter case is important: «parameter» and «parAmeter» will be different variables for the SLaSi.

Depending on information inside configuration file, additional files with initial magnetization distribution and geometry of the sample could be needed.

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