Command line keys

SLaSi supports the next command line keys:

  • -h or –help: print a help message in the console and exit.
  • -i <filename> or –input <filename>: direclty specify the name of file with parameters of simulations. Also it can be the first parameter of program name e.g
    $ slasi inputFile.inp

    without keys.

  • -n or –print-nan: print word «nan» for nodes with zero magnetic moment in the snapshot files.
  • –no-verbose: do not make noise in console during calculations.
  • -C or –continue <filename>: continue previous calculations and write the output in log file <filename> without eraseing previous data in log file. You will require keys -N, -T , -o for change the initial time, snapshot number and directly specify output name.
  • -o or –output <filename>: directly specify the base name of output files. Default: if the *.log file with base equivalent to the base of the configuration file exists, adds «_XX», where XX is increment.
  • -N <integer> or –number <integer>: initial number for the snapshots. Default: numbers start from zero.
  • -T <float> or –time <float>: initial time for snapshots. Default: time starts from zero.
  • –no-first: do not print snapshot for zero time. Firs snapshot will have number 1.
  • –version: print program version and exit.
  • -c  <parameter> <value> or –change <parameter> <value>: directly change value of parameter, which was specified in the configuration file.

See also examples in section Command line features.
Note that keys cannot be combined like -abcdefg.

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